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  • Congratulations DHX - Dependable Hawaiian Express, Oahu!

In June 2017, we will celebrate the 25th anniversary of opening our own trucking terminal and delivery operation in Honolulu on Oahu.

A huge gamble and large investment at the time, DHX - Dependable Hawaiian Express opened in Honolulu, Oahu. Like all other freight forwarders then, we were using trucking agents to deliver freight across the island. Because we used third-party agents, the quality of the service was not reliable and the scope of services we could offer was limited such as short or long term storage and warehousing, assembly and distribution, or local trucking. We were a freight forwarder to Hawaii, like many others, but opening on Oahu made us distinct among the forwarding community.

Although we had started a trucking operation in Guam in 1989, the Honolulu operation helped us define future strategies in the islands. Once we had quality under control with freight handling being done through a single group of companies with the same management, we evolved into an outstanding service from the beginning of the shipment move to the end.

We started using credos like “on time, intact, every time” because we controlled all aspects of the move. Excuses like, "we'll have to check with our agent to see if they can do that and if there will be additional charges," went away because we were the agent and could easily make these business decisions. For customers, that meant less waiting, more seamless operations and a better quality shipping service to Honolulu. Because Oahu worked out so well, over time we expanded our delivery operations to include the destination ports Kawaihae on the Big Island and Kahului in Maui.

DHX - Dependable Hawaiian Express Honolulu has earned a big 25th anniversary congratulations! We wish to thank the management and staff for contributing to making us the biggest and best among all our competition there.

Thank you, DHX – Dependable Hawaiian Express, Oahu and Happy Anniversary! You help make us DEPENDABLE. From Start to Finish!

  • How much to ship to Guam?

What is the cost to ship to Guam?

Shipping costs to Guam vary, depending on your needs. If you’re interested in ocean transport, here are the areas to consider:

  • Do you have a Less-than-Container Load  (LCL) shipment?
  • Do you have a Full-Container Load (FCL)? Different rates apply for LCL vs. FCL.
  • What is your point of origin?
  • What is your ultimate destination?
  • Do you want to use a reliable carrier with newer vessels who sails directly into Guam from the West Coast via Hawaii – or – a carrier with a barge service who sails into an Asian port and then barges the goods out of Asia to Guam (adding a week to the transit)?
  • Are you using a motorized carriage vs. a barge service (much slower)?
All these variables will make a difference in the cost of shipping to Guam.

Air freight pricing differences can vary too. Again, consider the origin and destination as well as the expected time frame of the service.

So the answer is, shipping to Guam costs depending on the variable factors involved.

To simplify your quest for a rate, we offer online quotes via our Online Rate Quoter, also you can email us, or you can call and ask for the Rate Department at 888.488.4888. Our friendly folks can quickly and more precisely help you determine the cost of shipping to Guam!

  • Shipping to (or from) China

When shipping to China or from China, for ocean freight you will need to consider both the carrier you use (ocean liner or freight forwarder) as well as their pricing.

You have a wide variety of forwarders who categorize their sales and operating efforts to meet your needs in one of these three broad categories:
  • Big multinational companies who are data oriented in their selling/operating approach, focusing less on distinct customer needs
  • Medium-sized service-oriented forwarders who handle a variety of specialized origins and destinations and are more customer-focused
  • One-destination focused forwarders whose entire sales and service may be price-based to a specific location or from a specific location
Additionally you can work with ocean carriers directly, but if you don't have regular cargo-shipping, you won't get good pricing, and often fall short on customer service marks.

DGX - Dependable Global Express is a mid-sized customer-service oriented ocean and air freight forwarder, specializing in combining the best service possible with competitive rates. DGX ships Less than Container Load (LCL) freight both to and from China. We specialize in doing a "temperature-insulated wine consolidation" into Shanghai for wine importers into China.

How about the cost of shipping to China? For LCL shipments, there are a lot of freight forwarding companies to choose from which usually means intense price competition. When shipping LCL cargo to China, look at total costs from both origin and destination. Lately pricing in the USA has gone down because shippers do not realize their destination customer ends up paying the difference with higher destination fees and shipping rebates going back to the forwarder of origin.

For Full Container Load (FCL) pricing, there are multiple options. For shippers who do not have high tonnage or regular shipments to China, they should opt for an ocean freight forwarder vs. trying to negotiate directly with an ocean carrier. Call three three forwarders and obtain quotes to get an adequate knowledge of what you will pay to ship to China. Remember to ask for insurance from either your forwarder or your company insurance carrier and include this cost request in your initial quote. Neither the ocean carriers or forwarders will insure the value of your products - it's up to you to protect your cargo and your bottom line.

Two Rules of Thumb for China Shipping:
  1. The government nominates ports of loading for all exporters based on the geographic location of the exporters. This means you should look for local shipping that fits your shipping schedule locally.
  2. Understand the rules for shipping any hazard materials (aka: hazmat) cargo you ship into a specific port at destination. Different ports now have different hazardous materials rules and regulations.

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